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Understand Your Dog's Behavior

Understand Your Dog's Behavior

Dog owners strive to understand the many characteristics of their pups and for new owners this can sometimes feel like a colossal task. Pets are everywhere, in the city or out in the open country, you’re bound to come across a cute pup. Seeing dogs by chance is entirely different to interacting and understanding them. As you take your first steps into the dog world it’s worth getting to know some of the common behaviors that can be understood and sometimes leveraged for better raising of your loyal dog companion.



For new dog owners, there can sometimes be misconception around certain dog habits. Licking and grooming is can be perceived to be a sign that your dog loves to be clean. While grooming within reason is with respect to cat behavior, dogs that show excessive levels of grooming are exhibiting signs of illness or injury.

Illness in dogs can be physically or mentally included, and perhaps even a combination of the two. Dogs that lick around a certain area will usually do so to clean and alleviate distress in this particular area of the body. Wounds inflicted by an external source will usually result in wounds that need to be nursed.

Inspecting your dog’s body will not always show signs of injury however, this may indicate a state of mental distress or tension that is affecting your pup. Change in body language and general behavior will often be related to sudden changes in the environment and measures to remove the source of stress is a matter of priority. If left unchecked, a dog may continue to excessively groom an area to the point of self-harm.   



Hugging a friend’s puppy is a lovely warm and cuddly experience. Dogs may lick at the face of the person holding them and initial reactions will be viewed as if the dog has taken a liking to this particular person. In some cases, however, licking of the face is an act of submission and the dog is showing it feels unconfident in facing an uncomfortable situation.

Dogs are cautious and firs encounters will not often welcome big embraces and enthusiastic words out loud. Dogs may be too shy and dodge a cuddle by offering a lick towards the hand instead. It uses this process to familiarize itself with a stranger and to establish a connection with the person in question. It is best to respect the general demeanor of a cautious dog by being patient and courteous upon first meeting.   



Relaxed states of calm and general fatigue are associated with the act of yawning. Dogs follow similar behavior, but this doesn’t always relate to a state of grogginess or similar. When feeling emotional tension, perhaps after being scolded by their master, they will feel uneasy. They may begin to yawn in this situation, not for feeling tired but as a reaction to feeling uneasy and tense. It would be better to comfort your dog if they begin to yawn while in a state of tension. If interacting with other dogs it is best to remember this type of behavior to avoid inducing further stress.  

Teaching a dog what is right and wrong is no easy task, but reprimand should be done with care and fairness. Comforting a dog after a telling off should be done in timely manner so that they understand the problem but see the love of their owner remains. Dogs are intelligent and will eventually conform to corrective training that is given with patience and love.

This concludes our short look at understanding dog behavior. Do you really understand your dog and their actions around the house? Dogs are fascinating creatures and there’s lots to learn and understand to build a relationship with your loyal canine friend. Give your pup the best care and be sure to engage with communities to get a head start on dog care knowledge.

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Therefore, if your dog yawns frequently and does not have any sleepiness, then your dog's heart can be hanged for a long time, under tremendous pressure.

After reading this, do you still think that you really understand dogs? There are still a lot of things about dogs to learn for understanding your loyal friend better. For people who are preparing to welcome a new puppy but don’t know what to do, check our new puppy tips&check list.

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