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Learn How to Understand Weird Cat Behaviors

weird cat behaviors

Cats are curious creatures that can sometimes be observed to act out of character at any given moment. Weird cat behaviors may sometimes be an indication of an underlying medical issue but outside of this, cats simply choose to act in strange ways while looking cute. Living with a cat increases chance encounters of strange cat behaviors and it is exactly these baffling episodes of weird and unexplained actions that make cats such a joy to be around. 

Looking at your cat carry out random rituals for no apparent reason holds deeper meaning than what you may initially think. Understanding of the cat mind is a journey that is full of twists and turns and over the years fellow paw friends have banded together to crack the enigma that is weird and strange cat behaviors, for the most part.

Crazy cat behavior is an alternative form of expression from your beloved feline friend and it speaks volumes in the way of emotional status. Getting to know your cat isn’t an exact science but grasping the concept of cat body language comes with dedication and close interaction. So let us dive in to some of the more well-known weird cat behaviors to try make sense of it all together.  


  1. Cat Kneading 

cat kneading on dog

Behavioral cat kneading is discovered at an early age shortly after birth. When a kitten is receiving milk, it will use its front paws to massage around the nipple of the nursing mother cat. Stimulation of the nipple allows secretion of more milk. When a kitten gets enough milk, he/she will feel comfortable and safe.

black cat kneading

Like our own feelings of contentment after a heart-warming meal, cats feel happiness brought by the soft and warm belly of their cat mother. This becomes an important memory of a kitten, which could directly affect future behavioral traits. Kittens who have not received their mother’s nursing milk are to be fed formula goat's milk. The act of kneading may be totally absent as a result of this, or rare occurrence if any. It can be said that cat kneading is an expression of this happy memory as they show emotions of warmth and content. Other studies point to other possible causes of kneading but in most cases, cat kneading should be treated as healthy and positive display.  


  1. Twitching in Sleep

    cat twitching in sleep

    Cats spend an extraordinary amount of time snoozing. Your cat can clock up to 16 hours of sleep per day. It’s common for cats to nap for long periods during the daytime, but 75% of the time they are only entering a light sleep state. Cats can be aware of their surrounding area even when their eyes are closed shut. As soon as you scratch your kitty's ears or they hear a can of tasty treats opening, they can jolt awake at moment’s notice. 

    You might see your cat’s body start to slightly twitch during their sleeping, this is because they fall into a deep sleep state, called REM. Twitching is a common behavior that occurs during REM. Rest assured that they are not having a terrible nightmare, they are most likely in pursuit of a tasty treat or other prey in the distance. 


    3.  Strange and Crazy Gifts

    cat twitching in sleep

    Cats love to play and prey on some of the most peculiar things found in their area of exploration. It is all too common for your cat to have a bout of pursuit with mice, cockroaches, and other undesirable visitors. Cats are most generous as they will proceed to courier and deliver their captured target, a special express shipping service by your best cat pal. They may even go to great lengths to gift their procured present, placing the prize safely on your pillow during the late hours of the night.

    Cats are nocturnal hunters and waking up to a surprise may be a frequent event if your fur baby can visit the bedroom on demand. Though this may be a little gross for some and perhaps even seem like an act of mischief, the joy that can be seen as a cat meows in triumph is nothing short of happiness. Your cat friend is not trying to prank you, it is a share of their precious prize that they wish to send to you.

    An act of kindness should be met with gratitude, having treats on hand to reward and share this moment with your cat is a beautiful part of bonding. Should your cat indulge in late-night hunting and prize delivery, be sure to appreciate this as an act of love and care from your kitty.   


    1. Neat Freak

    cat neat freak

    Aside from sleeping, cats usually spend most of their time grooming throughout the day. Grooming stimulates the sebaceous glands that release natural scents in oils allowing maintenance of their coat to be shiny and lubricated with some water resistance.

    Cats often groom their coats after waking, eating, playing or chasing prey for moderate exercise. In hot seasons or after intense exercise, significant heat is generated in the body. Cats have their own way to regulate their body temperature in such situations. Self-grooming through licking can introduce a small amount of vitamin D which promotes normal development of bones and makes the coat fluffy. If a cat is seen licking their paws in hot weather with great enthusiasm this is a natural action used to dissipate heat.


    1. Living the High Life

      cat living in a high live

      Cats have a habit of climbing high. They like to stalk prey at high altitudes, leveraging a vantage point while simultaneously avoiding predators. Self-awareness and protection are paramount for a hunting kitty.

      You may be wondering at some point of your at keeping life as to why your feline friend has ascended to such heights or how they even got up there. A cat staring down at you doesn’t mean you should be ready to be devoured and beaten at any given moment. Cats will often flee to either space of confinement or great height to escape vulnerable situations.

      Feeding a cat medicine can be a tricky task and it is common for a cat to pull a vanishing act, ascending to a place where they can’t be caught, a smart choice. You may even spot a smirk as they leer down at you with great smugness. At other times, cats might use elevated resting spots as a means for some peace and quiet. Noisy guests, children and other sources of disruption may trigger a short retreat so the cat may compose themselves.


      1. Peeping Tom

        cat peeping tom

        When you’re taking a shower, your cat secretly sneaks a peek at you. Closing the door for some privacy will be met with cries of attention and general discontent, a means to tell you that they want back in. Fortunately, kitties are adorable and you won’t feel too shocked or afraid to see the household cat patrolling the bathroom. Cats are brave and honorable. Bathrooms are a place of great danger with bucketloads of water swishing around. Cats will worry for your safety and will want to be in the bathroom to protect you from the evil that is water.  


        1. Burying food

          cat bury food

          You might find your cat continuously pawing the floor after eating, acting as if they want to bury the food. In the wild, cats often bury their feces and food in order to cover their own smell, preventing natural predators from finding them. It’s also a way to preserve food in the wild. It’s not easy for wild cats to catch a gourmet dinner. They need to lock it in a safe place if they can’t finish it. No food shall go to waste, once hungry, they can return to uncover their treasure for another feast.

          cats don't like durain

          Similar habits can be seen around food bowls, if your cat is pawing the floor intensely, they are making sure nobody will be able to find their precious meals. They may even be trying to be rid of a smell around their eating area.    


          1. Big Squeeze in Small Places

            cat is liquid

            Bruce Lee once said, “Be as water, my friend”. Kung Fu or Cat Fu has obviously been a great influence in the martial arts world as cats have mastered the art of being formless. Grandmaster cats can pass through the narrowest spaces an even compact themselves into small containers like teapots and cups. Cats are masters of mind and matter as they appear to be shapeless, showing off their incredibly flexible bones.

            cat squeeze in small places

            Flexing and stretching is also part of cat talents, they can fill surrounding spaces. Filling a space leaves less exposure for a cat and they will do all they can to maximize their sense of security and contract when needed.

            Disclaimer – Cats will not fit into tiny spaces and are great at judging where they should take refuge.

            1. Standing Up

              cat standing up dance

              Cats enjoy lying around and may even be seen sitting as we humans do. Cats like to show they can do it all and will sometimes be seen standing upright and tall. They might even take a few steps if they feel so obliged. Aside from looking awesome, standing at height has utility to increase the field of view. Cats can be enticed to stand with treats and toys.

              cat standing up

              Standing big and tall can also be a power play in the cat world. A cat standing with great intensity and strength is exerting its spiritual pressure to intimidate enemies. Such a sight is usually seen temporarily on rare occasions. If your cat maintains this posture for extended periods of time this may indicate bone-related issues and a vet should be seen.   


              1. Drinking From The Toilet

                Cats are generally perceived as hydrophobic animals that will kick up a great fuss when being introduced to a bath.

                cat drinking in kitchen sink

                Sometimes you will find that those cats who are afraid of water don’t like to take a bath, but like to drill under the tap to pick up tap water, even it will wet their face they won’t give up. Cats like to flow fresh water, water flowing from the tap and in the toilet is very fluid and will make them mistakenly think that the water is very fresh. They think is more appetite than the water in their bowls. To stop this behavior, it is better to prepare your cat an automatic pet water fountain.

                 cat drink human's water

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