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The 7 Best Cool Cat Toys for 2020

Cats are like children. In addition to eating and drinking, we also strive to keep them happy, avoiding boredom through play and stimulation. This is essential for indoor cats. Lack of activity will hinder their vitality levels, leaving a bored cat feeling lonely. Investing in cat toys to keep your cat occupied is a great way to fight boredom and maintain health levels of activity.

Though there are lots of automatic cat toys, cats are social animals and will enjoy your company the most. Simple interactive cat toys can build and enhance the relationship between you and your cat. Let’s have a look at the latest Interactive cat toys of 2019.

1. Cat Teaser Wand

cat teaser wand feather pink

Cat teaser wand a common favorite toy, they come in many different styles. Cats go wild, chasing the ends of the wand with enthusiasm. A simple cat wand can promote a healthy relationship between you and your cat, bringing you both lots of fun and exercise.

When buying a cat teaser wand, look for choices that feature a bell or tassel, this will make it easier to grab your cat's attention. Wand material of the cat wand should be soft and safe. It’s best to avoid loose feathers when playing with young kittens.  

2. Whack a mole cat toy

cat game whack a mole cat toy

There is ‘Whack a Mole’ toy for cats! Whack a mole cat toy for cats is very popular choice in 2019. A simple wooden cat toy not only stimulates your cat's hunting nature and curiosity, but also bring you joy and satisfaction! You can play this game with your cat, or train your cat to play by themselves.

Your cat will make you laugh when they play this interactive game. Some cat owners have said they have way too much with this toy, it’s almost addictive!



3. 2-in-1 Cat Scratching Post

Furrytail cat scratching post cloud scratcher

If you don't want your furniture being clawed at by your fur baby, a cat scratching post is a must-have toy. The traditional cat scratch post is a simple carton board, in a short period of playtime it will be reduced to confetti and will be all over the house not long after.

Now in 2019, we have new and cool cat scratch board toys for cats. This Furrytail Brand Cloud Scratching post is an innovative and aesthetic design that gives a cat their scratching fix along with some fun.

The cat scratching board is enclosed within a track that holds a small ball with bell inside. The cat scratching board in the middle allows cats to play and relax. Debris caused by clawing will fall into the track and keep your room tidy and clean.


 4. Silvervine Catnip Ball

silvervine catnip ball cat toy

Silvervine is similar to catnip, when a cat smells the wooden scent that it carries, they will show much excitement. Silvervine also functions as a dental cleaning tool, cats can clean their teeth when biting. They feel at ease with this wood and natural scent.

The Silvervine Catnip Ball is a perfect combination of Silvervine and catnip, the outer layer is silvervine, housing a catnip ball in the center. Watch your cat go crazy with joy when they play with this ball!


5. Cat tunnel

ragdoll cat cat tunnel bed

Have you found that no matter what kind of cat bed you buy for your cat, they tend to go off and sleep in other bizarre vacant spaces? Cat tunnels are a perfect solution to this issue! Cats are naturally curious about enclosed spaces such as tunnels. A cute cat Tunnel bed can be used not only as a cat toy, but also as a warm cat bed as they feel secure in the enclosed space.


6. Wagging Fish Toy

cat toy fish wagging fish dance fish toy usb charge

Cats love fish, especially fish that can flop. A wagging fish toy is a perfect gift for your active cat. This fish toy will stimulate your cat’s natural instincts for fun and adventurous fun as it dances around with your kitty.Made from soft plush material for fun and safe play session. Each fish comes with catnip inside which is sure to catch your cat’s attention every time!


7. Tissue paper

cat play with tissue paper ball

Cats love the more simple pleasures in life. Aside from Cardboard boxes, another toy that makes cats go crazy is tissue paper. Yes, you didn't misread. Scrunching a piece of tissue paper into a ball to play with your cat can yield hours of exciting playtime. Have you followed this simple and easy-to-follow cat toy tutorial yet?

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