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cat toy feather wand
cat toy feather wand
cat toy feather wand

Cat Toy Feather Wand 3 Packs

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It’s cat playtime with this cat toy feather wand that will bring hours of fun! Build a loving relationship with your new cat or kitten through interactive play sessions using this toy. Keep things fresh with this 3 piece cat toy feather wand set that will keep your cat healthy through stimulation and exercise. Enjoy cat playtime with these safe, flexible and durable cat teaser wands.

cat toy feather wand mixed colours

Beautiful Teaser Cat Toy: These cat wands can help your cats keep active and do more exercise, increasing a kitten’s interest and stimulating a cat’s senses. Bored cats are no more with the cat feather wand that makes cat play and fun for you and your cat. These interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship between cats and owner.

Keep your cats healthy: Retractable cat toy wands will help your cats flip, jump, pounce, chase and prowl after these teaser toys. The perfect choice for a fun and healthy lifestyle at home or outdoors.

High Quality and Non-Toxic: Cat feather teaser toys are made from safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. Our feathers are all natural and all dyes are non-toxic. It is safe and enjoyable for your cats.

Flexible and Durable: For even the most energetic cats. With durable materials in tension, these feather wands are are easy to handle and play with even the biggest of cats.