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5 Ways A Cat Shows Love to An Owner

There are always some cat owners talk about their own cats are not close with them. Cats and dogs are different. The way for cat to express emotions is more implicitly. If you find the following cat behaviors occur on your cat, then congratulations, that shows your cat already treat you as their family.

1. Sleep next to you

Cats are extremely insecure animals. They will never be alone with someone they don't trust, let alone sleep. If, when you watch TV or work, they suddenly jump to your side and don't mess up, just just sleep, or when you sleep at night, a furry thing suddenly appears on the bed. In fact, this is what the cat is expressing to protect us, afraid that we will be in danger, but also feel that we are very safe in them.


2. Rub you with their head

This behavior is not often seen. They may rub wall or some objects more often, but they don’t usually rub their head on human. If the cat brings the forehead or cheek close to you, it is probably trying to pass on the smell of his body to the owner. This is the most intimate move, when the cat really treats you as a family; it will especially like to stay close to you, even when the cat is lonely, it will even ask for cuddle from you. In other words, when a cat uses their head to sting you, it really likes you and treats you like a family.

3. Will give you a gift

Cats rarely give gifts to people. If you wake up one morning and find that there are some strange creatures around you, such as: mice, cockroaches ... don't be afraid, don't reprimand the cat, in its eyes, these are the most favorite toys. It gave these to you in order to express the love to you. Cat will try its best to prepare various beautiful gifts for you, which also shows that it really treats you as a family. At this time you must be very happy!


4. give you a massage

When a kitten eats milk, it presses its mother's breasts with its paws to help secrete milk, because it is not enough to drink by itself. If the cat stepped on the shoveling officer one day, it can only be explained that they are as warm as us and their parents, and they feel safe. So if your cat steps on milk every day, congratulations, he may think you are his mother.

5. Show belly

The stomachs of animals are very fragile, and the same is true for cats. Even if they are close to the owner, they will not show their belly. So, if a cat rolls in front of you and exposes its belly, you can touch it anywhere, it means that you can give it a sufficient sense of security, it is a person it trusts, and it shows its belly in front of you It is also a way of expression that really treats you as a master. Because when dealing with strangers, they don't do this. Once someone wants to touch their belly, they will definitely be attacked.

The above is the little knowledge of cats for today. Want to learn more about cat weird behavior? Read learn how to understand cat's weird behavior here. For more blog about pets, check out our Know Your Pet channel here.

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