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moestar xiaomi Portable dog water bottle orange color
moestar xiaomi Portable dog water bottle orange color
moestar xiaomi Portable dog water bottle orange color grey
moestar portable dog water bottle
moestar portable water bottle
moestar Portable dog water bottle

Moestar Portable Water Bottle

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Moestar Portable Dog Water Bottle 

Keep your dog hydrated and nourished on the go with the MOESTAR 2 in 1 Portable Dog Water Food Bottle. Featuring dual layer compartments for both food and water to facilitate on the go feeding while dog walking. Use the single flow button to dispense water and prevent accidental water leakage using the click lock.

Moestar pet water bottle

Product Description

  • Dog water food bottle, light and portable, easy to carry and use

  • Dual Compartments for food storage
  • 270ml capacity

  • Lock button to prevent accidental water leakage, press the button when you want to feed your dog.

  • Water outlet can precisely control the amount of water to avoid splashing.

  • Made of food-grade ABS material and is produced according to the standard of human drinking fountains.


Moestar dog water bottle function

Moestar dog water bottleMoestar dog water bottle detailsMoestar dog water bottle

Product Specifications

Portable dog water bottle size

                               SMALL SIZE

Portable dog water bottle size

                              BIG SIZE

Brand: MOESTAR (For XIAOMI Ecological Chain Brand)
Name: Portable Dog Water Bottle
Model: MS0010002
Material: Food Grade ABS
Color: Orange/Grey
Capacity Small: 270ml/9.5 OZ.  Big: 490ml/17.2 OZ.
Product size Small: 7cmx7cmx20cm/2.75x2.75x7.87in
                     Big: 7cmx7cmx27cm/2.75x2.75x10.62in
Package Includes :
1 x Dog Water Bottle