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The Best Christmas present for Cats 2022

 As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to lift our spirits. Family, friends and of course, beloved pets all join for a festive season of giving and comfort. Aipaws would like to wish all of our pet loving friends a wonderful holiday. With Christmas just mere weeks away, it’s the purrfect time to start thinking about those special gifts for friends and family. But what about your furry companions, do cats like gifts? Of course they do! We have returned from Santa’s workshop and offer you an exclusive list of the most wanted cat gifts this Christmas. Bring joy to your pet with these fantastic cat gifts that are sure to make your cats purr and meow with approval!


1.Crown Bow Collar



Celebrate a festive holiday this winter with your pet in jolly good spirits. Santa’s little helpers are coming to town and your pets will be meowing and barking in excitement as they join the rest of the family this Christmas. Let your pet jingle all the way with this Christmas Crown Bow Pet Collar and luxury golden bell that completes an adorable look this winter holiday.


2.Whack a Mole Cat Toy



Cats are natural hunters. A simple wooden cat toy can not only stimulates your cat's hunting nature and curiosity, but also bring out mutual feelings of joy and satisfaction through an interactive playing session. You can play this game with your cat, or train them to play by themselves. Enjoy endless hours of fun and laughter with your precious kitties. Some cat owners have said they have way too much fun with this toy, it’s almost addictive!


3. Floppy Fish Cat Toy



A perfect gift for your beloved cat(s)! Enjoy interactive play time with this Waggling Fish Toy for Cats. This fish toy will stimulate your cat’s natural instincts for fun and adventurous fun as it dances around with your kitty.


4.Cat Tunnel Bed



Cats hunt and pounce as natural predators. Let your furry soldier infiltrate this cat tunnel to fulfil their hunting desires as they shroud themselves out of sight. Cats love enclosed spaces and have a habit of hiding in darker places as they wait for prey, or in your case, toys. Observe your cat as they carry out reconnaissance. Their night vision lets them feel right at home, if you like to tease your cat with small toys, tunnels are perfect.


5. Marshmallow Cat Bed



Give your cat a comfortable and satisfying resting spot with the Marshmallow Cat Bed. This pet bed is super soft and warm, giving your cat the perfect maximum comfort and security to snuggle and snooze on. 


6.Wooden Modern Cat Tree



The cat tree is the ultimate way to satisfy your cat's natural desire to climb and scratch (and they may just save your furniture and curtains). Climbing is fun, good exercise and key to muscle development. Cats can spend up to a third of their lives asleep, conserving up all of the energy they need for hunting and playing in between meals.


7. Geometry Raised Cat Bowl



This hexagonal shaped pet bowl looks great and promotes healthy eating to your cat. The raised cat bowl design provides a comfortable height for your pet to eat their food from, a perfect solution for pets that have inflammation issues such as arthritis, neck and back problems.

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