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Recognizing Symptoms of Cancer in Your Dog

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Living life with a canine companion is a wonderful thing. It can sometimes come as a shock when a lovely dog who has been healthy for all these years suddenly experiences health deterioration at the hands of cancer. Cancer has been a killer in both humans and animals alike and can occur in many parts of the body including the lungs, reproductive organs, skin and elsewhere. Certain breeds of cats and dogs have been observed to have an increased probability of developing certain cancer, this risk increases as our pets age. It’s important to look out for the signs of cancer to seek the best course of treatment and management.


Unknown Masses or Sarcoma

Finding lumps around the body is a possible sign that cancer has affects your dog. Not all lumps or sarcomas develop into cancer but if you find that your dog has one on their body, an immediate visit to your local vet is in order for investigation. Lumps around the body are always a cause for concern, especially those that continue to grow or have not gone away in shorter amounts of time.




Abnormal Body Fluid or Bleeding in the Mouth

Oral health is very important to monitor in your dog. If abnormal fluids or bleeding occur in the mouth, gums or nasal passage this may be an indication that something is amiss. A combination of bleeding, pus, diarrhea and vomiting are all signs that need to be monitored and investigated by your vet. It’s important to observe and communicate as much as you can to your vet so that they may begin proper investigation and diagnosis. It’s important to pay particular attention to any abdominal swelling as this is indication of abnormal bodily fluid that is accumulating in the affected area.  


Abnormal Defecation Habits

Monitoring your pup when they go to the toilet and after is an important part of looking for signs of cancer. Certain cancers such as those that affect the stomach and digestive system will affect both stool a urine. If your dog is observed to experience a change in defecation habits, a visit to the vet is in order. Serious signs include bloody stools and urine and are indicative of possible cancers.


Open Wounds That Don’t Heal

Wounds and ulcer can occur in healthy animals but those that do not heal up with time could be a sign of possible infection, skin disease or cancer. It’s important to deduce why wounds do not heal in your dog with the help of your vet.

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Stiff limbs or Lameness

Dogs are mobile creatures and any sign of gradual stiffness in their limbs or general lameness is a cause for concern. If your dog is showing signs of pain or disgruntlement when moving around, a physical examination is in order. It’s important to regularly check your dog’s physical condition and any specific limbs inducing pain when touched should be reported to your vet for investigation. Dogs will show displeasure when they feel pain and this may be potential presence of a degenerative disease in the joints and possibly development of certain bone cancers.

The above conditions are typical early symptoms of cancer that should not be taken lightly. Cancer is hard to spot and some may develop silently with your pet showing any obvious signs and some symptoms also overlap with other diseases and conditions. All abnormal signs should be noted and it’s best to consult your vet as early as possible to see if there is anything serious, early detection and treatment are only beneficial to your pet.


Treatment and Living Strong

Dealing with cancer is not an easy task and lifestyles may change accordingly. If your pet has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, your vet will provide the best treatment and management through various living arrangements, surgery or chemotherapy. Detecting cancers as early as possible is important to maximize treatment effectiveness. Pet remedies have also been seen to be an effective form of managing and supplementing a dog’s cancer therapy.


HomeoAnimal is a pet remedy brand that specializes in offering products to help fight cancer. PIPTOPET is featuring Piptoporus Betulinus (a mushroom) as its active ingredient which helps to boost a dog’s immune system and to reduce the effects of developing cancer. Fellow pet lovers have claimed that its most optimal when used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments such as radiotherapy. A discussion with your vet should always be taken beforehand.

Cancer and dealing with the deterioration of your pet’s health is an incredibly hard situation to deal with. Yet with medical science in the modern world today, we remain hopeful that our pets will live on and recover. Even the slimmest of chances must be grasped. We hope that all those around the world, both humans and animals, will continue to struggle and prevail over disease.


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