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5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat

Our cat companions provide a limitless supply of joy and love in our lives. The internet was created for sharing these precious moments, quite obviously. Viral videos of cats have become part of netizen culture and we have seen many different ‘challenges’ and stunts but we warn all our fellow cat lovers, this is not comical and is detrimental to your cats wellbeing. Subjecting a cat to moments of stress and feeding inappropriate items is harmful to cats and a little care needs to be taken before thinking about recording your next funny video.   


 Sudden Jump Scares


Cats are docile and sensitive to their environments The world is big and cats stay vigilant at all times for their own safety and survival Frightening your cat inflicts stress which can yield harmful results in the way of urinary issues caused by damage to the kidneys. Nobody wants to intentionally harm their cat, but actions have consequences and it’s best to be aware and love your cat in all possible ways.


cat cheese challenage

Cat Cheese Challenge - Throwing a cheese slice on cat


Invisible Tape Prank
Invisible Tape Prank


Are Cats Afraid of Heights?


The saying “Cats have 9 lives”, is nonsense and as respectable pet keepers we value our precious cats with much love and adoration. When caring for your kitty, it’s important to consider the risks and hazards at home. Many owners are not cognizant of the dangers of simply leaving a window open and this becomes increasingly fatal at elevated heights. Cats are agile but they are not immortal, and they are sure to suffer a painful fate should they slip and fall from a ledge.

Cats falling from a ground level window have a relatively low chance or mortality but beyond the second-floor height, injury and death are very possible. Cats cannot defy the laws of physics and gravity will cause damage no matter what. Leaving your window open at height is dangerous and a risk not worth taking. Cats are intelligent and curious, and they will approach opportunities to explore. We have seen firsthand the mishaps of a window being left open and a cat suffering a fatal fall, we are considerate of everyone’s circumstances and decisions at home but prevention without compromise is our preferred approach.

 kitten arm broken cute kitten


 Giving Your Cat Candy


Candy is sweet, thick and has texture that might interest your cat. You might want to share a delicious sugary sweet, packed with chemicals for your cats to gnaw on but the resulting mess and hazards are not worth this gesture of sharing. Cats cannot process the same foods as humans, and we recommend investing in healthy and nutritious cat treats. Homemade snacks are perhaps the best option!

 cat sugar catnip


Walking Your Cat


If you have an indoor domestic cat that has remained indoors for most of its life, you may suddenly desire to go on a walk together. Unfortunately, cats who have remained indoors for most of their lives without exposure from a young age can become hypersensitive to outdoor walking. It becomes a stressful activity that induces panic and overall displeasure.

Your cat will visibly show its approval or horror once taken outside. It’s best to consider your fur baby’s mental state and refrain from going outdoors for walks if they cannot adjust. A harness is essential and cats who flee in a panic can be lost for long periods of time or permanently. It’s a tough world out there and domestic cats who get lost outdoors will not survive for long.

walk with cat gif


 Letting Your Cat Have Some Flower Power


Flowers are a great way to freshen up a house but it’s important to consider the risks that real flowers introduce to your cat companion at home. Pollen in flowers can induce allergies in cats, not to mention the risk in your cat taking a sizeable chomp out of one of your plants. Ingestion of toxic plants such as tulips, daffodils and others can cause poisoning. Resulting issues include internal organ damage, vomiting and other harmful reactions. An artificial choice will still provide an aesthetic change at home, if fresh flowers are a must, they should be in an area not accessible by cats.

kitten smell a flower

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