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Maine Coon Cat Personality – The Gentle Giant for Cat Lovers

A Cat-a-holic’s life is overloaded with cuteness and feline love. You may be looking to jump into such an amazing experience, perhaps you already own a cat and it’s time for twice the fun and paws. Perhaps two cats can’t quite fill that deeper desire for some meowtastic living, the simple response is to consider going bigger than ever, get a Maine Coon cat!

The Maine Coon is known to be the largest domesticated cat breed, a ‘Gentle Giant’ with an adorable personality. As a dream cat for many, Maine Coon cats communicate in a pitched chirping sound and are highly intelligent and could even be said to be the dogs of the cat world, meowf!


Intelligent and Friendly

maine coon cat friendly

Despite its mighty appearance, Maine Coon are praised for their personality traits that make them a worthy companion. While they are loveable, they are respected for their wise hunting abilities. Tolerable in temperament, you can enjoy extended play time with your friendly furball through massages and handling. While the Maine generally likes to lead an independent life, it will enjoy making friends with humans. As a friendly giant, it will be a great task in keeping your cat occupied throughout the day. They will quickly become the big kid of the family as they figure out playtime with interactive cat toys and other amusements.



Titan Sized

maine coon cat Titan Sized

Maine Coon, Ragdolls and Siberian cats are the largest cat breeds in the domestic world. Male Maine cats weigh 5.9~8.2 kg on average, and females average 3.6~5.4 kg. If you let a Maine Coon cat lay down on a desk in your home, the desk may be used as a rocking chair for this big baby. Accommodating the needs of the Maine is important and a home should have plenty of space before considering ownership of one.

You might be wondering why these breeds so large and mighty. The Maine originates from the north-eastern states of America, an area that is full of lakes, mountains and forests. Winters around these lands are not forgiving and only the toughest survive. Possessing a thick and dense coat makes this cat is a waterproof tank that can brave even the most extreme weathers. Their muscles are very well developed and their bones are solid. Their cunning instincts matched with speed and agility make the Maine an elegant master of the wilderness. 


Long Hair

white maine coon cat long hair

Maine Coon cats notably possess long and rough hairs, which easily knot when not combed for a couple of days. This is especially problematic around the softer hair on their bellies. Keeping on top of this is important as knots can lead to infections and diseases as they become breeding grounds of bacteria. As with most long hair breeds, daily grooming is required to keep your pet happy and healthy.  

Grooming is a great way to bond with your cat and they will eventually come to enjoy the process of combing, sessions can also be enhanced with other tools such as a cat massage brush. Spending quality time with your pet while feeling good and looking great only strengthens the relationship between cat and human. 


Good Appetite

maine coon cat Good Appetite

A majestic size requires a royal diet, Maine Coon Cats also have very competitive eating prowess. The intake of an adult Maine cat is around three times than that of a normal cat. While being generous with servings is required to meet the nutritious needs of this cat, they also have weaker stomachs. An eating plan that splits this larger quantity into smaller digestible meals will keep things in check and stop overeating as cats like to fulfill their gourmet desires.
Raising a Maine Coon is equivalent to owning 3 common sized cats. This doesn’t mean you will have to triple your shopping list but high-quality foods that meet recommended allowances are important. Knowing these quantities will allow for measured servings that are just right. Consider picking up a measuring cup or smart food bowl to help keep things under control. 


Water Lovers

maine coon cat water lover

Eat more and drink more. These are things that most Maine Coon owners will be accustomed to when keeping their domestic big cat. While it is no secret that most cats don’t enjoy drinking, Maine Coon Cats have a natural affiliation with water. They like to drink water and love to play in it too.

Keeping hydrated is important and will also be influenced by the diet being served. Maines are independent and as long as you provide enough fresh water, you don't have to worry about it not taking the initiative to drink. A pet water dispenser is a great way to keep a constant fresh supply of drinking water available without having to constantly clean and refill for your Maine Coon.
Greater food and water intakes will lead to increased litter usage compared to smaller cats. Preparing for this with a larger tray and volume is advisable and should be a similar cost to feeding.

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