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Why do dogs sleep on their backs?

Dog sleep on his back Shiba Dog

The arrival of a new dog is the start of a new life with a faithful companion that will see many days of comfort and joy. As your pup settles in, they will begin to show off some of their habits over time. You might notice that your precious pooch chooses to sleep on its back from time to time. Questions around whether this behavior needs correcting and if spinal development is affected are some of the common concerns among dog new owners.



Why do dog sleep on their back

Observing and understanding your dog is an important part of understanding your pet’s character. Sleeping posture is a subtle source of deduction that will allow you figure out your dog’s tendencies. Some dogs will even sleep with their mouths open.

Watching a dog sleep can be full of comedic moments as you discover all the funny and cute actions they take as they rest. These mannerisms are indication of a dog’s complete confidence and security in the household. Dogs that lay in a submissive position will often show traits of independence and calmness as they feel relaxed and confident at home.

Dogs that sleep on their backs are showing that they feel completely at ease around their owner. It is an indication of comfort and confidence in the surrounding area and those that reside inside of it. Dogs in the outdoors will almost always sleep on their fronts to protect their abdomen from potential threats as it is a fragile part of the body.

Safety and security are paramount for a dog in any setting, they will choose to sleep on their fronts unless they feel completely at ease. When a dog begins to sleep on its back around the house, it is a signal of loyalty and trust in the household. Raising a dog is journey of bonding with continuous love, attention and support that eventually yields complete trust between dog and master in a secure common space.



When warm summer weather arrives, dogs tend to lie on the floor, exposing their bellies in the air accompanied by steady panting. Only hot dogs (food) 🌭should be kept in the kitchen, pups don’t possess sweat glands are have a tough time in hot weather. Heat dissipation is very important for your dog’s body to avoid dangerous overheating. Dogs use their tongues as means of perspiration to maintain a safe body temperature.

Owners should make sure not to leave their dog in any enclosed space that could be susceptible to high temperatures. Providing ventilation in the household and multiple areas of shade are all useful for a dog to seek refuge. Offering a comfortable place to rest using pet cooling mats is a great way to keep things cool and ‘pawesome’.



When arriving back home, expect a show of love from your beloved dog companion as they will be sure to throw bundles of affection your way. Dogs are very intimate animals; they will approach their trusted keepers to be pet and even show their bellies for a fun and gentle rub. It’s best to meet their enthusiasm with love and affection to show how much they mean. If your dog plays and decide to lie on its back while gazing up at you, this shows complete trust and is an invitation for some more fun.

Dogs are loyal and caring companions that take time to understand. Patience and knowledge building will help to build a loving relationship between your and your pet.

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