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Can Dog Eat Fried Chicken?

dog looking at fried chicken

Ever since the 1800s, Fried Chicken has been a tasty American food that is loved all over the world. That’s some finger lickin’ good chicken and we tend to indulge now and then in a salty and crispy helping of coated poultry, yum! When there’s something tasty going down in the kitchen, our fluffy fur friends will often come snooping as they waft the glorious flavors of our meals. Biting into a crunchy and delightful piece of KFC will often be met with a pair of longing eyes that are fixated on the piece of chicken in hand. It’s a moment of those ‘puppy dog eyes’ that many owners can’t help but feel sorry for and wish to share their joy with their favorite companion. However, dogs can’t indulge in some foods that we enjoy and it’s important to understand your pup’s digestive system.

Aside from all the usual considerations of fried foods being unhealthy for the general population, there are other aspects of the meal that should be in an owner’s mind when on the look out for new snacks. While dogs have no issue in chewing on a healthy sized bone, often gnawing for a long time, cooked chicken contains brittle and smaller bones that will shatter into smaller fragments. Smaller bone shards can cause oral injury, choking and bleeding within the digestive tract. It’s an awful situation that is deemed life threatening and should be prevented.   

Fried chicken

Bones are bad, so how about a tasty piece of fried chicken breast or other boneless variant? Fried chicken in particular contains many additives that would cause adverse health effects. Tasty seasonings that we find exquisite can be harmful to a dog’s health and may even cause allergy with dire consequences. Knowing what we put into our foods is very important and it’s ever more important to keep this in mind when preparing food for your canine partner.   

 fried chicken with chips

Cooking methods are important when preparing meals for your pup and frying is just bad all round for animals and humans. A diet of fried chicken for a dog is sure to introduce cardio, weight and retained fat issues. Continuous consumption can be life threatening and may even contribute to cancer, diabetes and heart failure. It’s best to prepare food in a healthy manner without adding additives.


chicken breast raw meat


Dogs love chicken and it’s easy on their digestive system for a great source of protein without causing an upset stomach. We don’t use any seasoning; simplicity is best when cooking for your pet. Boiling boneless chicken is one of our preferred methods of cooking for our pups and it goes down a tasty treat every time. Cutting cooked chicken breast into bite sized pieces is advisable. So, the next time you have a tasty helping of KFC, be sure to prepare a special boiled treat for your friend. Woof!

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