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Why Does My Cat Sit in a Cat Loafing Position?

Cats can be energetic, jumping and chasing their favorite toys. Eventually the time to rest will arrive and you might discover that your kitten or cat choose to lounge around in the famous cat loaf position. A common pose for cats to rest in, behold the sight of your adorable kitty as it assumes the position by tucking its paws under its body, transforming into a long loaf of bread with legs. So why do cats like this pose in particular?            


Ultimate Comfort

cat loaf position orange cat

Many cat owners have dwelled over the reasons of this peculiar posture, the reality is that there special reason for this behavior. It’s simply comfortable for your kitty. Just as you might want lounge around on the sofa on your back for some well-deserved relaxation, cats also like to get in their comfiest positions. The loaf position allows cats to remove tension and ease their joints by stretching out with their paws. Supporting their frame when lying down is an important part of feeling relaxed. Supporting their torso on their paws allows them to relax to their maximum comfort levels.


Keeping Warm

cat cold cat loaf position cat snow

Cats are known to have less than desirable sweat glands, relying on the minimal pores on their paws. Perspiration will occur at the surface of their paws and their setup isn’t the best for body heat retention. As colder temperatures set in, the lack of hair on their paws makes our feline companions relatively poor at retaining heat. Dips in surrounding temperatures will often see them tuck their paws away when they lie down, a simple yet effective method in achieving extra heat retention without much effort. Cats may also sometimes wrap their tails around their bodies as an extra addition to their warmth and comfort efforts.     


An Emotional Expression of Trust

two cats cat loaf position

Cat loaf is more than just a posture, it’s an expression of complete trust and security of its surrounding environment. This posture is not optimum for hunting and fleeing, it’s a vulnerable stance that enables relaxation and comfort. If your cat is seen to assume the cat loaf position at home, it may be indication that they feel safe and secure in your care. A special place in our pets’ hearts is always satisfying and cats are highly alert when it comes to their everyday surroundings. Folding their paws and lounging around is not something they would be seen to do in front of unfamiliar visitors or unknown environments. Congratulations, we would advise kicking back and keeping your cat company for some rest together. Meow!  

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