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Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked

It is not rare to see a cat owner complaining that when playing with their cat at home, or when they touching their cat, their cat suddenly biting or arresting them without warning. Many cat owners must had this kind of thing before.

last second your cats are still cute and approachable, the next second they might slam and bite you with no mercy, leaving only a confused human standing there, why is this happening?

cat biting hand
There are four main reasons why cats bite people:

1. A way to express love to you
Just like many cats like to lick their paws, some cats like to express this emotion by biting. Although it sounds sweet, it still needs to be corrected if they bite too much!

2. Prove their existence
Cats are feline after all, and in their daily behavior, wildness is in their gene. Biting owner could be an act of cats trying to prove their status.

3.Express their negative emotions
They are trying to tell you either they don't like you to touch them too much, or they are already tired of playing, in short, it is not happy. If you can't understand me, I can only bite you.

4.Being spoiled
From a psychological point of view, the owner's excessive tolerance for the cats will make the cat think that it should bite you in a timely manner.

kitten biting cat mom

How to solve the problem of cat biting?

Although it seems reasonable for the cat to bite.
As the owner, the bad behavior of the cat biting people still needs to be corrected.

There are still many different countermeasures:
Don't suddenly use your hand to block their way, try not to play with your cat using complicated gestures.
When you realize that your cat treats your hand as a toy that they can bite, you should throw a small toy in time to divert its attention.

cat play phone game gif

Pure love and connivance will make him mistakenly think that this is the right behavior!

When you find your cat become wildly aggressive, you should stop the game and express dissatisfaction with it.
Don't appease them after being bitten and caught. Refused to tickle and touch them. Instead, show your dissatisfaction with it.

It's best to throw a toy to them and let them know that you don't want to care for him, play with yourself.
You should spend at least 20 minutes a day playing with your cat. In this way, its extra energy will not be transformed into cruel animal nature.

kitten biting
At the same time, you should also prepare a variety of cat toys. The cat is an animal that explores strong desires. The rich and abundant playing time can not only meet its daily activities, but also help to maintain its mental health and reduce anxiety. Negative emotions such as depression breed and reduce demonstrations.

Respect the cat's opinion. If it doesn't like you to touch its tail, don't touch it; if it's tired (the tired sign is not responding to the little toys they usually like), let it rest for a while; you need to spend more time Observe his body language and understand his thoughts.

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