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Black Friday Is Coming! A List Of Awesome Pet Gifts With Even Bigger Discounts

The Holiday season is coming! After an entire year of companionship, now’s the best time to pick up a special gift for your beloved pet! We’ve selected some sweet gifts for your cat or dog, with Black Friday sale prices, you can get these pawesome gifts with huge discounts!


Carno Whack a mole cat toy

Carno Whack a mole cat toy

There is a ‘Whack a Mole’ toy for cats! Whack a mole cat toy for cats is a very popular choice in 2019. This elegant wooden cat toy not only stimulates your cat's hunting nature and curiosity, but also brings both of you joy and satisfaction! Your cat will make you laugh and play when they join in on this interactive game. Some cat owners have said they have way too much fun with this toy, it’s almost addictive!
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Original Price From: 34.99 USD

Black Friday Price From: 19.99 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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rainbow marshmallow cat bed

Marshmallow cat bed

What could be better than a warm and fluffy bed during this year’s cold winter. Give your cat or pup a comfortable and satisfying resting spot with the Marshmallow Plush Cat Bed. This pet bed is super soft and warm, giving your pet the perfect maximum comfort and security to snuggle and snooze on. Let your cat sink into a place of total relaxation to sleep away fatigue and stress. 

Original Price From : 39.99 USD

Black Friday Price From : 15.99 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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 automatic dog paw washer

Automatic paw washer

Having quality family time with your pet outdoors during holidays is adventurous and a little messy, let the automatic paw washer solve all your paw cleaning issues! The Automatic Dog Paw Washer acts as a mini turbine washing machine for your pet’s paws. Automatic rotation of the safe and super soft silicone bristles wash and clean dog or cat paws quickly and efficiently. 


Original Price : 46.99 USD

Black Friday Price : 29.59 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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cat litter mat

Cat Litter Mat

Keep clean and safe with this double-layered waterproof cat litter mat. The honeycomb design prevents litter tracking by capturing and holding litter particles. Save and reuse litter while keeping clean. Features safe and durable materials that are comfortable for your pet and easy to clean.


Original Price From : 25.99 USD

Black Friday Price From : 15.99 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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 petkit smart bowl

Petkit Smart bowl

Feed your pet in style with this iF Design award winning PetKit smart bowl with a built-in digital scale that can weigh food quantity. Featuring anti-bacterial surfaces, PETKIT bowl is helping your pet stay healthy and away from infection and illness. Connect with Petkit APP, get a scientific and smart feeding solution for the perfect weight management plan!


Original Price : 45.99 USD

Black Friday Price : 31.99 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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 Cat Carrier Backpack

Cat Carrier Backpack

We love to have a family travel during holiday season, but don’t forget about your little paw friends. Travel with your cat or pop in style with this deluxe pet carrier backpack. Comfort for both you and your pet with padded shoulder straps. Keep your cat or dog safe and secure with the reinforced structure that is robust, spacious and breathable. Don’t forget your essentials, store them in the roomy font/side pockets.

Original Price From : 65.99 USD

Black Friday Price From: 52.79 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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 Portable Water Bottle

Moestar Portable water bottle

One more thing before you can travel with your little cute friend, prepare a portable water bottle. Keep your dog or cat hydrated and nourished on the go with the MOESTAR 2 in 1 Portable Water Food Bottle. Featuring dual layer compartments for both food and water to facilitate on the go feeding while dog walking. Use the single flow button to dispense water and prevent accidental water leakage using the click lock.

Original Price From : 16.99 USD

Black Friday Price From: 13.59 USD  Use code: BLACKFRI

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