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5 Things Cats Are Afraid Of


  1. Water

cat drinking ruining water

Cat's ancestors lived around the desert, there were few opportunities to access large volumes of water sources. The unknown is a scary place for many and cats eventually became adverse to exposure in water.

Anyone with a cat will come to know about the challenges of bathing their cat. Some cats may enjoy time in water and the experience may be smooth sailing. However, where a cat fears water, scenes of struggle and discontent are to be expected. It’s best to continuously comfort your and gradually introduce them to water.


  1. Vinegar, Lemon, etc.

two piece of lemon

Cats dislike anything that possesses an extreme sour taste. Lemons, vinegar and similar smelling items will quickly enter a cat’s list of things to hate.

Sometimes this can be used to an owner’s advantage as cats will generally avoid interacting with areas carrying this smell. If you have an issue with a cat doing naughty things in a specific place, try spraying a little lemon in that area as a passive form of deterrence.  


  1. Hair dryer

cat lick paw

The hair dryer is not seen the same way by cats as us humans, it’s seen as a full blown air canon! Blow drying a cat after a shower may be essential in some cases but be aware of a vengeful personality. Loud noises made by a hair dryer makes cats feel scared. Hot and rapid air blowing makes them feel uncomfortable. Plus, after having a bath a cat will certainly not take kindly to such treatment. It’s best to source a quiet and gentle dryer, keeping a treat on hand to help calm your cat may help.

If the cat does not bathe regularly, the experience will feel alien and perhaps even tarrying for them. Regular grooming and exposure will help a cat adapt to the sounds and feeling of blow dying.


  1. Catnip

Vetreska Silvervine Catnip Ball

Image: Vetreska Silvervine Catnip Ball 

Cats are potential catnip "addicts". Once they encounter catnip, they become ‘high’ in minutes and may become disorientated as a result. Even the toughest cats will become sluggish, it’s disco time when catnip is in the equation. It can be a slightly scary experience for some but they eventually come to love the scent and feeling of catnip.

Catnip can be used to calm and tame a cat when things get a little out of hand.


  1. Sudden Appearances

 cat scared by cucumber

Cats possess have highly accurate senses, allowing them to react rapidly to potential signs of danger. The term ‘scaredy cat’ holds true and a cat will retreat at any given moment.  

Popular social media posts saw that secretly placing a cucumber behind a cat will cause a scare and even a jump. Rumors emerged that cats had begun to fear cucumbers. The truth is, cats are brave but will be taken aback by sudden appearances if they are focused on something else. Whether a cucumber or watermelon, they are easily startled. Meow!

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