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10 Clever Pet Products You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Cat

  1. Pet Paw Washer

Despite the world being in a state of suspension during the pandemic brought by COVD-19, your cat might still embark on its daily adventures in the great outdoors. Picking up an automatic paw washer is an excellent choice to carry out a deep clean of their paws whenever they come back home. The Automatic Paw Washer automatically rotate super soft silicone bristles to wash and clean dog or cat paws quickly and efficiently. We have been impressed with this quick and easy electric paw washer and it’s even more important during these tough times where health and hygiene are paramount.


  1. Whack A Mole Cat Toy

Cats are natural hunters. A simple wooden cat toy can not only stimulates your cat's hunting nature and curiosity, but also bring out mutual feelings of joy and satisfaction through an interactive playing session. You can play this game with your cat, or train them to play by themselves. Enjoy endless hours of fun and laughter with your precious kitties. Some cat owners have said they have way too much fun with this toy, it’s almost addictive!


  1. Cat Litter Mat 

Have you ever found copious amounts of cat litter tracking around your house? Does your cat make a mess after visiting their sacred toilet sanctuary that is the litter box? If this happens at home on a regular bases, it’s best to look at picking up a cat litter mat. Prevent litter tracking by making use of the double layered honeycomb design cat litter mat, capturing and holding litter particles as your cat enters and leaves the litter box. Save and reuse litter while keeping clean, it’s a win-win situation. Features safe and durable materials that are comfortable for your pet and easy to clean.


  1. Cat Water Fountain

Cat’s come from ancestors of the desert and it’s well known that cats are fussy drinkers that need considerable encouragement to stay adequately hydrated. It’s a tough and strange situation, especially when their diets are protein rich. Static water containers can rapidly collect surface bacteria and become “stale”. If your cat avoids drinking from its water bowl, they may regard their current water bowl as unclean. Regular water changes will be needed to provide a fresh and clean source for them to drink from.

Cats have a natural instinct to approach running streams of fresh water, they will generally see running water as attractive and clean. A pet water fountain can greatly increase the frequency and volume of water that your cat drinks in day, helping them reach their daily water intake goals. A water fountain with a filter is essential to remove hair, dust and other debris particles that might find their way to your cat’s drinking source. Water is constantly cleaned and flows back for your cat to drink at its leisure.  


  1. Cat Tunnel Bed

Cats hunt and pounce as natural predators. Let your furry soldier infiltrate this cat tunnel to fulfil their hunting desires as they shroud themselves out of sight. Cats love enclosed spaces and have a habit of hiding in darker places as they wait for prey, or in your case, toys. Observe your cat as they carry out reconnaissance. Their night vision lets them feel right at home, if you like to tease your cat with small toys, tunnels are perfect.

As your cat rests in this stylish and flexible tunnel, they’ll react to incoming targets as they approach. It’s a perfect retreat for cats that want to rest in a safe and comfortable space. If your cat is shy, a tunnel bed might be an ideal choice as it can be an ideal retreat as your cat builds confidence at home. They’ll make use of the detachable cushion as a comfy bed. Use the cat tunnel bed as you want by making use of this completely modular design that lets you connect multiple together.    


  1. Furrytail Grooming Brush

Cat grooming is important for any cat breed. Most indoor cats will shed their fur throughout the year, moulting season is commonly seen in the warmer seasons of the year. If you’ve sat through a period where your cat is changing its coat, you will know that the household can quickly become a fluffy situation. Regular grooming is needed to keep things under control, requiring persistence and patience.

It’s not always easy to groom your cat, catching them at a time that suits them might be a tricky task. If your cat refuses a grooming session, a softer alternative such as this Furrytail grooming brush, made from super soft silicon material will hit the spot. Its jelly fish structure is both aesthetic and ergonomically designed. Silicone is an ideal material that generates static electricity as its massages your cat, collecting bundles of hair on every stroke. Avoid any accidental harm to your cat by using the combs soft and gentle teeth. Listen to your cat’s purrs of approval as you deliver an enjoyable and comfortable grooming experience.   


  1. Fruit Cooling Mat

Things are heating up, summer is around the corner and temperatures are starting to climb to point that gets anyone at home hot under the collar or fur coat. High body temperatures mean excessive sweating and water loss. Cats are already at risk of dehydration and high temperatures further amplifies the risk to heat stroke, heart issues and other health problems.

Keeping things cool is important and a pet cooling mat can be placed anywhere to deliver a constant cool surface. The cute fruit cooling mat is an essential item for the ensuing hot summer weather. It’s easy to use, and doesn’t require prior freezing or chilling. Rely on the pressure responsive gel that handles heat transfer from your pet efficiently, keeping them cool and comfy while delivering relief against high heat and joint pains.


  1. Pet Odour Eliminator

Cats are cute and adorable, but there’s no escaping the foul odours that reside in the litter box. Smells can travel far and wide around the household and it can be tough to deal with. A mini pet odour eliminator is a new piece of technology that keeps your indoors smelling fresh from pet odours. It’s smart and intelligent, quickly regulating smells at home through ionization, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Ionization is also helpful in assisting with bacterial and dust problems, hence assisting in reducing allergen levels in the environment.  


  1. Petkit Smart Bowl

 We love smart pet technology and the modern pet keeper has access to many types of innovative products. You won’t want to miss this Petkit smart bowl if you’re thinking about trying smart pet tech at home. It’s important to keep your pet’s eating bowls clean and free of dust and nasty bacteria. Petkit smart bowls feature anti-bacterial surfaces, helping to promote your pet’s healthy lifestyle, keeping them away from infection and illness. It has a built-in digital scale that can weigh food with accuracy. If you need to track and know exactly how much your pet is consuming, this is the perfect pet weight management product for your cat. Connect to the Petkit mobile App for a scientific and smart feeding suite that helps you understand what’s going on with your pet’s food consumption.


  1. Soft Collar

A soft collar is more than just a cute accessory. It serves as a replacement for your cat’s Elizabethan collar after surgery or injury. If you’ve ever needed to have your cat wear a traditional E-collar, you’’ probably realize just how much your cat hats wearing it. They feel vulnerable not only due to restricted movement but also heavily reduced hearing and vision. A soft collar introduces a viable alternative that is safe and functional for your cat while stopping grooming of the wounds to prevent infection. Let your cat get on with its daily life safely, avoiding unnecessary stress and impaired senses. The soft material makes it much more comfortable for your cat to wear. Your cat will be able to rest comfortably by using the collar as a soft pillow too. Meow! 

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