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September means back to school for kids and the adults who work at them alike. After a long and lazy summer of basking in your kids' presence and enjoying extended family time, suddenly leaving your cat alone during the day is bound to upset him, it could result in anxiety and depression. To help cats cope, you can use toys and treats to distract your pet from your absence, give your cat more entertainment.

Aipaws prepared September Back to School Cat Box for your cat. Our selected cat fun toys, products will provide loads of mental stimulation for your cat when he is home alone.

What's in an Aipaws CatBox?

Aipaws Catbox is a mystery box for your cat. Every Aipaws CatBox has at least 2 unique catnip toys, 2 interactive cat toys and a cat accessory. Curated from the themed collection. Valued at over $50!