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How to Make Your Cat Happy

Welcoming a new cat friend home is a gradual process that is only the beginning of your cat caring journey. Getting close to your cat both physically and emotionally is inevitable through daily interactions and knowing how to reward your cat is important too. Cats are emotional companions that need understanding and patience. Caring for your cat goes far beyond giving food and water, caring for them in an emotional way is as equally important, nobody wants to make their cat unhappy.



Hugging releases Oxytocin in humans, making you feel pleasant or consoled in certain situations. Some studies show that the release of the ‘cuddle chemical’ in women is greater in those with deep relationships to their partner. Physical interactions between people yield great benefits for the body and mind but what about such interactions with our cats?

Not all cats like to be hugged, they may see it as an intimidating act towards them and feel insecure. Physical interaction, however, is something cats benefit from in a similar fashion to hugs. Massages generally stimulate the body and release tension that is built up in numerous systems. Medical benefits of massage for humans are vast when doing away with built up fatigue.

the correct way to hug a catthe wrong way to hug a cat



Touch is the key component of these therapeutic interactions and it’s thought that reactions to touch is very telling of the emotional state of a person or animal. The wellbeing of your beloved fur companion includes mental state of mind and a massage is the purrfect way to help release some endorphins and reduce stress levels.

Massage is a delicate process that won’t always be easy to enjoy with your pet if they are in a restless state. Forcing a cat to stay still for a massage is only counterproductive, the entire environment should be in a relaxed and calm state including yourself. You should reach a pace of peace and tranquillity first before approaching your cat.

Once ready, it’s time to start engaging with your cat through simply talking. Soothing words of encouragement will be the first move to establish a connection for the act of massaging. Cats will respond to these words and it may be a trial and error process to figure out what your cat feels at ease with. Once your cat shows signs of calm, it is time to start physically interacting with your feline companion. Gentle stroking around the body and scratching under the chin are common places a cat enjoys.

Multiple accounts have shown that giving your pet a massage is a great way to bond and reduce stress levels in your cat. Happy cats will be healthier long term and enjoy a life of confidence and companionship around the household. Massaging your kitty will double up as a session of therapy for yourself as it serves as a stress reducer. If you want to enhance your cat massage experience from time to time, consider using a cat massage tool.

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